When I got my iPhone 5, I was excited to try out the new panorama mode for the camera.  I soon realized my hand was pretty shaky, so I googled panorama tripod mounts and found out they were way too expensive, so I set out to build one for about $10 worth of junk at Home Depot.

Full disclosure: I did get some inspiration from Bill Smith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG4XNmtn9nY

Materials used:
About 18" of 1x2 maple ($1.03 per foot)
1/4"-20 bolt 3 1/2" long ($0.24)
1/4"-20 "insert nut" ($3.92 for pack of 4) (more on this later)
One washer ($0.11)
Two 1 1/4" drywall screws (sitting at home, but cheap if you have to buy them)
Crazy glue ($5.77 for pack of 12)

Total materials used on this project: $3.36

Tools used:
Mitre saw
Hammer and chisel (router would have been better)
Drill and various drill bits
Hack saw
Various files

Step 1: DIY IPhone 5 Panorama Tripod Mount

I had this little tripod laying around which seems to work well for the project.  It should in theory work for a full size tripod as well.  The standard tripod screw is 1/4"-20 which I believe means it's 1/4" in diameter with 20 threads every inch.  The insert nuts I got matched this so that any tripod should fit.
I built one following the plan here and it turned out well. Only thing to say is the threaded insert is really cheap metal (zinc) and the hex part strips out under torque. I get the sense it isn't made for hardwoods like oak. Mine stalled about 80% of the way in. I just filed it level with the bottom.
Great job! I like that it gets the lens nodal point correct. Many of the commercial phone tripod mounts do not.
nice idea! would be great to combine this holder with something like this: <br />https://www.instructables.com/id/wind-up-camera-pan/

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