Make your own trendy iPhone case using Scotch Duct Tape!
<p>I am wondering if all you guys can watch this tutorial, something wrong with my internet or web setting?</p>
That is lit I love that but I can't do that
<p>OMG how does she do that I was looking for a good way of making an iPhone case like that and I finally found one yipppy! </p>
That's awesome how did you put that in video format?
so cool! I have been looking for a way to make a case out of duct tape, and this is a great way!!! :)
Thanks for this tutorial. I love those how-to's about DIY <a href="http://www.bg-apple.com/iphone/itemlist/tag/iPhone%20case" rel="nofollow">iphone cases</a>. And this one is really awesome.
It's simply amazing how creative some people can be . Congratulations
That is really cute! I love the colors and the mix of paint and tape :)

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