Picture of DIY iPhone / Smartphone Tripod connector

This project is super simple and much cheaper than something you buy in a store or online.
items needed:
Phone holder
1/4'' nut (20 coarse)
Glue (try Loctite original Stick'n Seal)

Step 1: Obtain a Suitable Holder for your (camera) phone

Picture of Obtain a Suitable Holder for your (camera) phone

I already had a great holder for my iPhone that I used to use in my car. I would love to recommend the exact same one. I got it from Walmart several years ago for about $7-8. I found what looks to be the same model on Amazon - (check the link or search "s type phone mount". I like this specific model because an ipod dock connecter fits perfectly into the bottom, so it can charge on the holder and makes the phone stay more securely in place. Also, if you bend the arms as shown in the pictures, it holds the iPhone perfectly without obstructing the screen.
Womanchief3 years ago
So far, of all the tripod ideas here, this is one that makes the most sense.
Congrats! You're a Techy.
Ray-l-l4 years ago
Nice and simple idea. Thank you for posting it. I will have to try something similar with my phone.