Make an iPhone tripod in less than 60 seconds from simple household items.  I LOVE my new iPhone but i really wanted a tripod - Here's my design...You'll need a plastic cap from a spray can, and empty water bottle  and a pair of scissors - That's it !! (Also see video No# 2 at my facebook page paulliddydesigns for instructions on how to make your tripod mobile) Sorry about the waffling on and the low volume - Turn your speakers up
<p>THAT. WAS. AWESOME!</p><p>Thank you. Loved the &quot;waffling&quot; and how you just &quot;got on&quot; with it instead of this overly produced video!! Made my own, so that now I can make my own, over produced diy videos :P Thanks again!</p>
<p>I messed up on the plastic cap when I cut it but, it still work. Thanks </p>

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