This is a very simple make-at-home iPod stand. It will, in theory, support any iPod except the Shuffle. Full credit for plans and design to Piers Morgan of www.listsanddiagrams.com. You can find the original instructions here.

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Step 1: Tools

For this instructable you will need:
A. Scissors
B.Cardstock, cardboard, thick paper, etc., etc.
C. Tape (or stapler)
D. A printer
E. An iPod with a connector cable (dur)
Congratulations to Piers Morgan. Nice, simple design. This iPod stand reminds me of the paper wrapper that encloses the half-sandwich I purchase at the lunch counter.
So did you make it?
Thank you for being the first to comment on my Instructable. I'll try to make more, but until I find something else simple, fun, and frankly, easy, (too many commas) I probably won't.

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