DIY IPod Video Projector - Requires No Power or Disassembly of the IPod





Introduction: DIY IPod Video Projector - Requires No Power or Disassembly of the IPod

In this instructable I will show you how to Make an iPod video Projector Which uses no External Power and your iPod remains totally Untouched until Show-time!

Firstly I would Like to Credit tanntraad for The original Concept, See Here:

It is very simple and Only requires 4 Key items.

Step 1: Items You Will Need...

For this Project you will need...

A Cardboard Box Atleast 2x wider than your iPod and two inches Longer,
A Projector Lens from a Slide Projector (I Bought my one from eBay for £11 and it Has a 1:2.8/100 aspect Ratio,
A Hand Mirror that is larger than the iPod Screen,
Gluesticks for a Glue gun that you have.

Sharp Scissors,
Glue gun,
Calipers (for measuring),
A Ruler in MM,
Stanley Knife,
Super Glue.

Lets Get Cracking!

Step 2: Work Out Your Focusing

You will have to work out the focal Range of your Specific Lens, However this is How Mine works in the Image Below, You should Draw up your Plans like this so you Know what you need to do when your build.

Step 3: Build Time!

1. The First step is to Cut your hole that the Slide Projector lens barrel Slides into. Measure the OD or Outside Diameter of the Barrel and cut the hole so that it is a Tight fit and that should allow use of the Thread on the Barrel.

2. Position the Mirror depending on your focusing Diagram at 45 Degrees. You will have to Cut a Hole in the Side but Keep the Cardboard from the Cutout, if you have a handle as well cut a hole for this in the Opposite side.

3. Cut a hole in the top above the Mirror the same size as your iPod's screen with 10mm around each edge to allow for tolerance for adjustment.

4. Test in a dark room to finalize positioning with iPod in Place.

5. When you are Happy Glue gun the Mirror in Place.

Step 4: Add Stands

Get 8 Lego Bricks of eight Spots per Brick. Glue one of them in the Rear Center with Superglue. Join three Blocks two times for Each front corner then glue them to their corresponding Corners.
Keep the spots on the Lego Bricks touching the floor; glue the underside of the Lego Bricks to the Underside of the Projector because of the increased Surface area.

Step 5: Showtime!

Firstly Select your media and then Simply Plug in your Speakers or RCA Cable for sound and then Place the iPod over the Hole on the top and it is Showtime.

You will need to focus it depending on the Throw Distance and the lens setup. Do this by rotating the lens bnarrel on its thread and you may need to push/pull the lens to position it.

NB: The first five pictures were taken in a Bright room and the Camera does not really do it much justice.



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    finally a use for my craptop computer!!!

    is there a way to do this without a slide projector? what lenses in what order can i do it with?

    is there a certain space between the lens and the mirror ? and what's the right degree of the mirror ? i read that it must be 45*
    please answer me as fast as u can !!! i really wana make it
    and BTW great job

    This will also work with a digital camera, the bigger the screen the better...Bore your family and friends with your holiday slides- just like the old days!

    To get a lens out of most projectors, all you need to do is pull it off of the front.

    The new Ipod touch has a very high pixel density, the "Retina Display"
    It also has a very bright backlight, as compared to other devices/previous Ipod touches. Since the screen size is larger,has a nice resolution and is quite bright, won't this work better with the 4th gen Ipod touch ?

    Assuming I use lenses from good magnifying glasses, a a method to make the distance between the mirror and the lenses adjustable,and an Ipod 4th gen realistically how many inches can this thing output for things to be watchable in pitch dark room

    how can we adjust or resize(zoom in & zoom out) the display image?

    wat kind of lens did you use to make it?

    look for old slr lens, image looks good with my canon 50mm 1.8 fd lens, i got it on ebay for under $30 U.S

    hrmm. im thinking of substituting ipod for portable dvd player and using a magnifying glass from rite aid.3-6 inch one should work nicely. also you can increase the amount of light by making a box around the lense to focus the light, its the light scattering that causes a darker picture. also you can clover the lense to make it brighter by putting a piece of cardboard with a larger hole over it to brighten the pic.

    1 reply

    thats actually a good idea

    Would this work for backprojecting? I mean, making a small tv set thing with a backprojecting screen and a speaker on the outside and putting the projector inside? Or if that doesn't work, could I use a square magnifying glass for the screen? (Wall-e style)

    2 replies

    NO WAY!?! Sorry,! Thats EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! :D

    I'm not sure haven't tried it. Keep me posted on it.

    I was looking for a lens I could use to do this project with and I found one of those tracer projector things: Would that lens work for this project?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1 reply

    Just looked at that amazon projector. I'd bet that lens will work for this. I may get one to try this.

    how do you make  it not so blury I used a itouch and a magnafiying glass do i need to use a slide projector lens?

    Those angles are confusing :S

    Great idea!

    But couldn't you use a smaller box with no mirror, and point the iPod in through the back of the box, directly at the lens. That might be simpler and focus better. If you do use a mirror, it might work better with one from an old overhead projector.

    Those are painted shiny on the top of the glass, so you don't get a double reflection from the front and back of the glass.