This is my first instruction so it would be nice if you gave me some feedback to improve my future topics.

Those earbud never fit in my ear but now i finally found a solution for it. No need sugru, everything you need is a cheap pen.

Step 1: Requirements

A pen with rubber grip
An earbud
Scissors or knife

Step 2: Take Out the Rubber Grip

Take it out of the pen and cut it into 2 parts.

Step 3: Use Dremel to Blunt the Edge

Step 4: Put the Rubber Into the Earbud Housing

Adjust the rubber until it fit your ears.

Step 5: Enjoy !

With this little mod, my earbud has a better bass and it hooks on my ears much better than original design.

Thanks for your watching ^^
I made an account just so i could say thank you! These are amazing! I tried making the foam ones and that wasnt happening lol. These work so perfect i cant belive it! Thanks again!
<p>awesome!!!! i will try</p>
<p>Great idea but I have to ask whether the danger to your ear has been taken into consideration.<br>As the rubber is not sealed onto the earphones they may may fall off and become lodged in the ear canal, necessitating a trip to hospital and potential surgery to remove it.</p>
<p>Oh, come on! What is the chance of it getting so deep that it can't be removed using simple home tools.</p>
<p>Ask the kid that got a tooth firmly jammed down his ear.</p><p>That'd be me. Silly stuff happens all the time.</p><p>Hearing the doctor say &quot;if I can't extract it with these tweezers it will have to be operated on&quot; put the fear of God in me.</p>
<p>Thanks for your opinion ^^</p><p>As I said in the upper comment, you could use some glue to stick your rubbers on your earbud, or you could do like this and I guarantee it won't never fall out :D</p>
<p>I must try this - nice idea! I really hate the ear buds that are too wide and don't fit well. This hack has lots of potential to make custom fit earbuds. Thanks!</p><p>And I think that a bit of adhesive (hot melt glue or other appropriate adhesive) can address the valid concerns of the rubber fitment coming off and lodging in the ear.</p>
<p>thanks for your feedback. </p><p>U could use some adhersive if your rubbers can't stick on your earbuds. In my case, it stick on my Earpod for several days without any glue and I use my Earpod a lot ^^</p>

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