DIY Iphone Dock Using Only the Package Material





Introduction: DIY Iphone Dock Using Only the Package Material

DIY iphone dock using only the package material.

You will need:
Utility knife x 1
Ruler x 1
Double-sided tape x 1
Thin single-sided tape (packing tape will do) x 1
iPhone box with plastic holder x 1
usb cable that comes with the iphone x 1
Half an hour of free time

Step 1: Get the Iphone Connector in Place

Cut the end of the plastic holder that comes with your iphone. Use the iphone itself to guide the width and depth of the cutting. Cut until you can rest the iphone completely into the plastic holder. Secure the connector cable to the plastic holder.

Step 2: Rough Drawing on Taping the Connector to the Black Plastic Holder

I use two thin pieces of packing tape to loop around the connector, one each direction. Each piece of the tape is roughly 4mm wide and 12+/- cm long. This should hold the connector in place securely.

Step 3: Cut the Plastic Holder Into Two Pieces

Cut the plastic holder into two pieces. Place two pieces of double-sided tape onto the shorter piece as shown. I ended up using the thinner type of double-sided tape, but the thick tape is easier for demonstration purposes.

Step 4: Confirm Placement of the Connector With the Iphone

Make sure you can charge the iphone. Adjust if necessary.

Step 5: Triangle Stand

There is an insert inside the bottom half of the box. I used it to make a triangular stand. Punch two holes for the cable to pass (size of the usb end). Secure front piece and then the stand.

Step 6: Finished?

You can adjust how much the front piece would cover the phone. I want to control the home button but want to keep it "hidden". So I actually stick a small square piece of foam (from the packaging) behind the small piece so when I push the front --> it will press the home button. Completely optional. Or you can place the front piece a bit lower so you can see the home button. You decide. Enjoy!

Step 7: Inside View of the Front Piece

I ended up using an eraser head taped to match the location of the "Home" button on the iphone.

Step 8: Finished...

Simple, right?

Just some thoughts:
- You can put, for instance, a 4-port usb hub in the back of this stand for extra usb devices.
- You can use this as an alarm clock too; check out this nice alarm clock mod
- I don't have a ipod touch, but if it comes with a similar plastic holder, consider making a similar stand, except you can also make a hole for the headphone too -- so you can even listen to music !!! Maybe you can incorporate a small set of desktop speaker as well.



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    i have that same computer!!!!

    What a great idea for recycling the packaging! Now, if only Apple had thought of that...

    2 replies

    thanks... funny thing is... you cant do the same with iphone4 packaging... not easily anyway.

    not quite as easily, but I did it:

    Yup, really nice and a nice use of packaging that I probably would have thrown out. I'm doing this tonight. Thanks!

    Great idea! thanks

    nice touch- I would use the self adhesive, small rubber "feet". perhaps the rounded one. I like that this "inny" button can provide some resistance to keep it from sliding out- in addition to being plugged in to the cable. Nice job!

    superb idea! instead of using the tapes i just used hot glue, and for the stand i used two big paper clips and hot glued them, thanks for the idea, really appreciate it!

    3 replies

    Nice tip that I was going to meantion about too!

    thanks, u too

    Glad you like it. Hot glue would be by far stronger although less reversible. Now that I have been using my stand for a while and still like it, I too am considering gluing mine. Happy construction and have a lovely holiday. D

    I really like this stand however, I found that the charge connection gets kind off weak after awhile. So what i did was modify the white piece of plastic that comes with it and added it to the inside of the this stand. So now I have the same stand as above with more secure connection.

    3 replies

    Cool. I did not detail the taping... which I should. I was able to tape it quite securely... I will post it as soon as I get a chance. Thank you. You are absolutely right. Taping the connector down is the key.

    I just finished making my stand yesterday. I had previously built another stand that looks OK but not as cool as this one. I'm planning on taking that one apart and build one of these for an Pod classic.

    Update: I just uploaded some details on taping (and on the botton control). Thank you for your comment earlier.