DIY Ipod Boombox





Introduction: DIY Ipod Boombox

Don't go buy those lame Ipod speakers speakers! Follow these short steps and you could be playing your all the Public Enemy on your Ipod through your favorite old ghetto blaster. The best thing is that the boombox's analog play and stop cassette buttons turn the speakers on and it retains the am/fm radio functionality too!

Things you'll need:
1. Old Boombox
2. Mini jack wire (if you want to save six bucks just pull it out of an old pair of computer speakers)
3. Screwdriver
4. Soldering Iron

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Things you'll need:
1. Old Boombox
2. Mini jack wire (if you want to save six bucks just pull it out of an old pair of computer speakers)
3. Screwdriver
4. Soldering Iron

Step 2: Locate the Cassette Reader Power Wire

Now follow the wire from the cassette reader. The wire should split into a yellow, a red, and a silver one. Make a mental note of the position of each color (you'll be replacing them with a red, yellow and silver one from the mini jack wire)

Step 3: Grab Your Soldering Gun!

You're now ready to solder in the Mini jack wire. You'll notice that the mini jack wire the same set up at the end of the wire a yellow , red, and silver coming out of the tail end of the wire. Solder these wires into the same spots you just removed the cassette reader wires from.

Step 4: Reassemble

Now put the cassette reader back in place. Then plug the mini jack into your ipod and press play then press play on the boombox. OOOOOOH YEAH!



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    I have down this to quite a few ghettoblasters, and a lot of cassette players output a lower voltage, (think phono inputs on amplifiers) you'd have to build a simple circuit to cut down the power coming from the ipod otherwise you will only get extremely distorted sound. (this isnt true for all tapedecks though)
    heres an easy build on the circuit needed:

    i have a similar boom box but i have no idea where to solder the wires to, you need to take better pictures

    HI, I'm in the process, but i have trouble finding the wire that i need to connect with the jack stick, its not described very much and it is difficult to locate .. btw this is so awesome if it works!

    you should try and fit the ipod in the cassette holder.. that would be sick...

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    I added Line-In support (for iPod or PDA or any other audio source) to my old Sony boombox without sacrificing either the cassette tape player or the radio (the only 2 things it had). I noticed that it had two boards, one for the power control and amplifier and one for the radio tuner. The ribbon cable connecting the two was clearly labeled and three of the wires in it were Left, Right, and Common. I got a double-pole/double-throw switch at RadioShack, cut the three wires, installed a minijack port for the input, connected the port's common and the common from the tuner and amp boards all together, and then wired the left/right from the port to one side of the switch, the left/right from tuner to the other side, and the output of the switch to the amp board. Now when you set the existing switch to AM or FM and the new switch to AUX, it plays whatever is hooked to the input. If you set the new switch to TUNER, the radio plays, and if you set the existing switch to TAPE, the tape plays. You can even record the input to tapes :)

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    can you do this to maybe a, 1981 sanyo boombox?... my boombox has only the tape, and radio and ive been dying to install a line-in or an AUX. any help you can give me?

    I have the best idea! Mod it so that you stick the iPod into the cassette slot, and than a motor pushes the dock connector in, and than button control the menu, and volume. That would be awesome.

    Cool I was gonna try this but i couldn't be bothered working out how. But with this and finding a boombox like radio thing on the way how from school today i will. Thanks

    sweet, I just wish you'd posted this a few months ago. I had the exact same boombox which was a gift when I was 6. I say 'had' since I finally gave in and dropped it off at Goodwill a few months back.... oh well another reason there is no such thing as old junk.

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    wow, that sucks man but you can do this with other boomboxes too.. cool instructable!