I spend a stupid amount of time on pinterest looking at craft projects to get ideas. I recently found this adorable votive holder while browsing and really liked the way it looked, but I wasn't able to find similar source images very easily. 

So I dumbed it down a bit and made some quick and dirty LED votive holders that look really great with minimal effort. :D You can use landscapes or skylines - whichever you like! They're a nice way to get a bit of light without having to leave clunky looking LED tealights out and about.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • images with high contrast from a book or printed on regular printer paper
  • an exacto knife
  • glue - I chose a glue stick
  • LED tealights
I found that black and white images looked best - but feel free to try other things! I think I'm going to make some hand drawn ones next.

Also, when looking at LED tealights, I really recommend the yellow ones - they can make your votive holders look like the sun is setting, which is really pretty. :D

I love this idea, made one with the NYC skyline from&nbsp;<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanl85/4067296893/" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanl85/4067296893/</a><br>
That would be a GREAT one to poke a few holes through along the bridge! (as MrWareWolf suggested above)
GREAT idea
Love it can't say any more :)
very cute! <br>The next step is to do it .... rotate! <br> <br>Imperio <br>
I love it!!!! I recognize the Louisville (KY) skyline which I love a lot (hometown girl). So beautiful. Great Job!!!
decoupage technique....simple, effective, beautyful
very nice and simple. <br> looks perfect for Christmas gifts.
These seem like they will be PRIME candidates for DIY gifts this holiday season. Thanks for the explanation -- I might buy a cheap straight glass from the $ store to glue it around as well.
Cool and Easy
you can also pierce the photo with a very very fine needle, to allow a single point of light through, as if ti indicate a light on top of a building, or streetlight, etc. adds depth, but is easy to overdo it too..
Looks great and anyone could make this and get good results.
Now I think my LED candles look naked! Love your directions...very clear - and results...very lovely!
These are lovely im going to have a go at doing some for christmas x
That's amazing! I think I'm gonna make some of these. really inspiring!
Beautiful, I made something similar years ago with a cylindrical glass, some dry leaves, and a rare &quot;grass&quot; paper sheet. When you put a candle inside it the effect was very romantic ;-)
OMG this is so unique style..
Wow! They look great!

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