Picture of DIY landscape votive holders
I spend a stupid amount of time on pinterest looking at craft projects to get ideas. I recently found this adorable votive holder while browsing and really liked the way it looked, but I wasn't able to find similar source images very easily. 

So I dumbed it down a bit and made some quick and dirty LED votive holders that look really great with minimal effort. :D You can use landscapes or skylines - whichever you like! They're a nice way to get a bit of light without having to leave clunky looking LED tealights out and about.

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
  • images with high contrast from a book or printed on regular printer paper
  • an exacto knife
  • glue - I chose a glue stick
  • LED tealights
I found that black and white images looked best - but feel free to try other things! I think I'm going to make some hand drawn ones next.

Also, when looking at LED tealights, I really recommend the yellow ones - they can make your votive holders look like the sun is setting, which is really pretty. :D

AndelDOA1 year ago
I love this idea, made one with the NYC skyline from http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanl85/4067296893/
That would be a GREAT one to poke a few holes through along the bridge! (as MrWareWolf suggested above)
GREAT idea
oliviaJay1 year ago
Love it can't say any more :)
imperio1 year ago
very cute!
The next step is to do it .... rotate!

cbandy1 year ago
I love it!!!! I recognize the Louisville (KY) skyline which I love a lot (hometown girl). So beautiful. Great Job!!!
agis681 year ago
decoupage technique....simple, effective, beautyful
dkhl1 year ago
sarawelder1 year ago
very nice and simple.
looks perfect for Christmas gifts.
These seem like they will be PRIME candidates for DIY gifts this holiday season. Thanks for the explanation -- I might buy a cheap straight glass from the $ store to glue it around as well.
Cool and Easy
MrWareWolf1 year ago
you can also pierce the photo with a very very fine needle, to allow a single point of light through, as if ti indicate a light on top of a building, or streetlight, etc. adds depth, but is easy to overdo it too..
Looks great and anyone could make this and get good results.
parisusa1 year ago
Now I think my LED candles look naked! Love your directions...very clear - and results...very lovely!
hunter9991 year ago
These are lovely im going to have a go at doing some for christmas x
searchub1 year ago
That's amazing! I think I'm gonna make some of these. really inspiring!
Beautiful, I made something similar years ago with a cylindrical glass, some dry leaves, and a rare "grass" paper sheet. When you put a candle inside it the effect was very romantic ;-)
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
OMG this is so unique style..
Wow! They look great!