Introduction: DIY Lap&desk Laptop Stand [Ikea&eBay Hack]

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I like the fact that...
the Ikea stand keeps my lap cool,
and the eBay fans keep my laptop cool.

But I can't use them both at the same time :(

Or can I ?!?! ;)

Step 1: Buy Some Fans.

Picture of Buy Some Fans.

Buy the cheapest (dual) usb (folding) fan available at the moment.

Step 2: Buy the €4/5$ Ikea Laptop Stand.

Picture of Buy the €4/5$ Ikea Laptop Stand.

It's made out of plastic; with a drill for wood you can penetrate it.

Just take it slow; a hard push makes for an ugly exit.

Step 3: Drill Some Holes.

Picture of Drill Some Holes.

Decide where your laptop is the hottest or where its pulling air.
Dill holes from top to bottom for the best look (the exit-side of the hole will look the least attractive)

Step 4: Cut, Saw or Break Off the Folding Legs.

Picture of Cut, Saw or Break Off the Folding Legs.

This is to make the fans as flat as possible.
And to make it easier to fixate this to the stand.

Even when I'd saw it with an saw for iron it will never look pretty; but it will never be visible; since it is out of view.

I took the easy way and just broke them off.

Step 5: Hot-glue the Fan to the Stand.

Picture of Hot-glue the Fan to the Stand.

Before you do; check if the fan is in a pos where will not raise the stand.
Test it on a flat surface; it will be easy to spot.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!

Enjoy your laptop even more now! :)

-More speed, because; less heat!
-Less noise of your fan.
-Better usability in the summer.
-Less annoyance if you have a skin problem in your leg-area (also on your hands because there will be less heat dissipation)
( -And if you're a guy; more fertility :') )


xUNMERITEDx (author)2015-01-12

I was going far a more random look; but shure! Make arranged holes :D
If your done; let me know and post a picture ^^
Maybe I'll do the same one day ;)

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