Introduction: DIY Laptop Stand From a Wooden Cook Book Laptop Stand

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One of the simplest things but very important as more people use laptops these days. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera when I was doing it so I will explain it with the finished product.

First get a cook book stand. I bought it at a shop boswells (UK) for 10 GBP.

Step 1: Remove Screws Carefully and Disconnect the Hinges.

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The wood in my stand was not of the best quality, so remove the screws carefully.
Now turn the whole stand bottom up and replace the hinge on the inside.

Next, go to some hardware or DIY store and get a hinge. In the picture you can see it is the black metal one. I got it from a store called "wickes" for one pound (get two screws for it)

Now remove the small piece of wood that keeps the stand at a certain angle. In my stand it was fastened by a couple of spring. Replace it with the metal hinge. Try to experiment with the height you need before you fix it.

Step 2: Secure the Laptop

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In my stand there were 3 grooves so that I can have three different positions.

Keep the stand upright and select your angle. Apply a bit of pressure to make sure that the screws are well fastened and they do not break when you keep the laptop.

Take couple of Noticeboard pins and put them at the bottom end. Nail them properly otherwise your laptop will fall down. (Alternatively, you can use some "plastic ruler/fibre glass" and nail it).

I did not do it to have more space for my card reader, mic, headphone jack in laptop front edge.


Yunjin made it! (author)2015-03-16

It is my frist woodworking, I use the google sketchup for 3D modeling , it is a really useful sorfware.

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