I've been trying to save money since my hours got cut drastically at work. So, I've been making my own lattes every morning, saving at least $3 per day every day. Watch as I walk you through the ingredients, tools, and steps to make your very own professional latte for about $1.

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You can also use a normal whisk and start beating the milk. After a while you will get fantastic milk-cream. Also never mix 2 types of different coffee, the taste of each will get lost. If you like it more decaf-like just use less coffee in the espresso-maker or use more milk. Final using a glass instead of a pot you could see the nice effect when milk and espresso come together ;-) greats from eurpe
Thanks for the great Instructable! I have this little battery operated whipping tool that I never could get to work right. Heating up the milk did the trick! I don't drink coffee as I never acquired the taste for it, but this isn't coffee so much as it's a delicious treat. I remember drinking milk and coffee as a kid on special occasions. I have all of the tools so I made myself a latte and it was yummy. Thanks Logan for the great job with the video on making our own lattes.
Oooooo... your foamer looks fancy. I have one from IKEA for 99 cents, and three years later, it still works fine.
Nice, detailed overview of the process, Logan. I like the bonus product review, too.
This was awesome!!! I so need to get a new espresso maker. i used to have the same one but it got rusty and weird. hell yeah

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