DIY Lattes for the Latte Liberal





Introduction: DIY Lattes for the Latte Liberal

I've been trying to save money since my hours got cut drastically at work. So, I've been making my own lattes every morning, saving at least $3 per day every day. Watch as I walk you through the ingredients, tools, and steps to make your very own professional latte for about $1.

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You can also use a normal whisk and start beating the milk. After a while you will get fantastic milk-cream. Also never mix 2 types of different coffee, the taste of each will get lost. If you like it more decaf-like just use less coffee in the espresso-maker or use more milk. Final using a glass instead of a pot you could see the nice effect when milk and espresso come together ;-) greats from eurpe

Thanks for the great Instructable! I have this little battery operated whipping tool that I never could get to work right. Heating up the milk did the trick! I don't drink coffee as I never acquired the taste for it, but this isn't coffee so much as it's a delicious treat. I remember drinking milk and coffee as a kid on special occasions. I have all of the tools so I made myself a latte and it was yummy. Thanks Logan for the great job with the video on making our own lattes.

Oooooo... your foamer looks fancy. I have one from IKEA for 99 cents, and three years later, it still works fine.

Nice, detailed overview of the process, Logan. I like the bonus product review, too.

This was awesome!!! I so need to get a new espresso maker. i used to have the same one but it got rusty and weird. hell yeah