Looking for a cheaper portable LED light for on location filming or photography well this is the $20 light. First you will need the items in the photo below. The poster board was $2.50 the wire was like $6.00 and the LED light strip was like $8.00 on amazon free shipping. Now I had all the tools if you have to buy the tools then this cost you a little more but not much. If you do have to buy the tools and battery holder then it might cost around $35.00

Step 1: Poster Board

Decide what size you want your light to be and mark the poster board with your favorite marking tool. I am going to base this off the size I made my light so I made my board 14"x 11-1/2" . Then cut out the poster board with a razor knife be careful not to cut your self. After you have the board cut out measure 1" make a line parallel with the 14" side then space you lines 5/8" apart. The draw lines parallel with the 12" side 1" inch from that side on both sides. These lines are to keep the LED strip lights straight.
<p>what LIPO battery are you using? and did you need an LED driver to reduce the power?</p>
<p>what would be the measurement in lumens for this?</p>
About 3amps
<p>Very cool, how much current does it draw?</p>
you can give the Leds about 14-16 volts... might want to use hot glue to secure them
<p>REALLY like to know where you got ALL those LEDs for only $8.00!!</p>
Ebay :)
Amazing. I had the same idea, with a different application using RGB LEDs. Never thought of doing this though! Great job
Yes I forgot to put that. The LED strips run on 12vdc. If the power supply puts out dc then it should work. As for the load I haven't tested it but I think the LEDs at 12v pull around 10ma. There are 288 LEDs x .010 = 2.88A I think that should be in the ball park
<p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/Strip-light-Waterproof-Flexible-Light/dp/B005EHHLD8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1394662913&sr=8-3&keywords=led+light+strip" rel="nofollow">Here is a source </a>for the LEDs. But I have a question regarding supplying power to the LEDs. I presume the LEDs run off 12v DC power. I have several old 120v AC to 12v DC power supplys that were used to operate various small electrial items (timers, clock, radio, laptop, etc.) Could one of them be used to power this device? How do I calculate how many lights could be run off one of these power supplies?</p>
I guess that didn't work. I got the lights at amazon for like 7.95 free shipping just do a search for led strip lights and you get a lot of choices.

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