Step 1: Get the stuff

ok first of all i used a way to light LDR (light dependent risitor) it did not have enough resitance so my light sensor is a bit sensitive..

but what you will need is a LDR that has about 3500 ohm's when you expose it to a simple laser pen
mine didn't have that much resitance so i fitted a aditional risistor of 1500 ohms.
but that is all up to you

ok what you need:
an LDR
A conductive lego strip
A lego brik
maybe an aditional risistor

Step 2: Constructing

first of all you need to get the conductive plate to the right size, i used 2x1 but you can use any size you want.
next you need to get the condutest on the top exposed just cut them away with a knife or something. only 2 are needed so leave the rest the way the were if there is a rest.
first if you use an aditional resistor get some solder on the conductor. cut the resitor to the correct size and place it.
next you need te get the LDR on cut the wire's to the correct size and solder them to the conductive plate, if you have a resistor you need te get one wire to the other end of the resistor.
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legonxt2 years ago
haha, u english is good enought for me to understand. i'm chinese.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Did you know that instructables has a built in spell check? Go to the editor and click on it for every step. Here's what I got: diceded -decided risitor -resistor brik -brick assemblage -assembly gleu -glue Over all, not bad for a non native speaker Great job on the instructable, this looks like it could be very useful
tuinkabouter (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
i did not know about that built in spell check.. dut thanks i will check it out on my next instructable ;) and i have a way to small keyboard so sometime's it gets messed up and i don't always notice xD
Don't get me wrong, this is really good for a non-native speaker. Some native speakers do much worse
Haha,random fact: I'm not a native speaker and I never used spell check.
GHETTOKON6 years ago
Thanks, this was very helpful to me