DIY Macbook Pro Retina Stand





Introduction: DIY Macbook Pro Retina Stand

* print 100% in a3 size *

here is a easy to build macbook pro stand.

use any cardboard around you, the template work for common 3mm and 5mm thick cardboards.

it is straight forward. follow the cut mark of 3mm or 5mm cardboards and you will be fine

tailor made for 15 macbook pro retina, but should work for most of laptops too :)

* print 100% in a3 size *

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3 years ago

I made it, but it would be better if we had measures

15, 4:58 PM.jpg15, 4:58 PM.jpg
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Wow man, that's a neat idea. I never thought that using something like this might be more comfy. Is it?

That's a great looking laptop stand. Very clean and simple. Nice work!

Thanks for sharing the pattern, too.

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