Hi guys, this is my first instructable, my english is bad, I take terrible photos, so... :)
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cheap drill.


-DC motor
-Terminal block

Note: I found that the diameter of the compasses' leg's are 3mm in most cases. So try to find a motor with a 3mm axle, and the holes on the terminal should be 3mm too. With a 3mm terminal you can use any dremel tool, if you replace the "chuck".



Not necessary:
-Electrical tape

Step 1:

Take apart the compasses, we need the component marked on the picture.
Actually, it is a mini chuck. :)
<p>the terminal block is a good coupling and worked alot in my projects.</p><p>i always have problem with making screws short.</p><p>i made mine just for taking photo and put in your instructable :D</p>
What type of electronics might I be able to salvage one of these terminal blocks? Can u please list as many common electronics or appliances or etc. as possible. So I can hopefully find one on something I have lying around.? Thank you
<p>you can buy from any electrical stuff stores. the terminals are not expensive. you can buy some and use in your works. also you could find one of those in old halogen lamps transformer. or transformer of Fluorescent lamps and many other stuffs. but simple way is purchase from store.</p>
<p>I made something similar. I couldnt find anything like what you had, and had literally no money, I found I could use and old syringe and somehow worked with that. Works pretty decent. But I still want to try your type, seems a lot more rigid.</p><p>I'm powering mine with a switchable power brick (3-12V 1.5A) and seems to be great for it. </p>
<p>I made it, i try to find the compasses but i couldn't, so i try to made the same diameter the two things and it drills pretty sweet, regards from Quetetaro, Mexico.</p>
Excuse me What type of electronics might I be able to salvage one of these terminal blocks? Can u please list as many common electronics or appliances or etc. as possible. So I can hopefully find one on something I have lying around.? Thank you
<p>Hey, this i bought it from a hardware store they are used for conecting cables together mechanicaly, maybe in home depot you can find them, good luck, cheers from M&eacute;xico</p>
<p>Nice idea! I have similar, mini PCB Drill without a chuck :)</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Do0n9DsfkBw" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>what type of compasses is that?</p>
<p>Its an engineering compass mainly used by engineers for engineering graphics.</p>
<p>I made it before i seen this article.The motor vibrated as hell, the motors sleeve bearing got damaged and that terminal thing blew up, almost ended it in my eye.These motors rotating too much rpm to make these unbalanced things possible.Just sayin'</p>
<p>Works perfectly :)</p>
<p>my drill vibrate too</p>
my drill can not poke a hole in popsicle stick an vibrate more can u resolve
can a wall driller or wood drill can be mage with this attachment pls reply
<p>nice idea..</p>
<p>awesome idea.....it helped me alot....</p>
This is an amazingly helpful instructable
This is an amazingly helpful instructable
<p>Really super i ll search 4 this type method last 2 month ,,,thanks</p>
<p>Thanks I have been looking at something like this for a while now.</p>
<p>This is a ideas interesting</p>
<p>Here is the method I used to attach a micro-chuck <br>to a motor. Maybe it will work for this project. </p><p>See the Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Micro-Drill-Press-revision-A/</p>
<p>great idea, just made mine</p>
<p>where i can find that terminal block thing? is there any appliances or a gadget that has one? please reply i making my version of there which not just a drill but a dremel also. but i'm stuck with the terminal block because i cant find that thing... any help?</p>
<p>man it is found in all hard ware shops </p>
Love this instructable! Lots of ideas. Where did you get the compass?
<p>Very nice work. Once again we see necessity being the mother of invention.</p>
<p>Very clever and well done!</p>
<p>You need someone to 3D print you a cover for the drill! GREAT job!</p>
<p>I like your idea, very clever..</p>
<p>Good job! I will probably make one of those myself.</p>
<p>Congrats!</p><p>very clever shaft-coupler adapter!!, it&acute;s an instructible on itself..</p><p>Mad Max would be proud indeed..</p><p>i&acute;ll make one as soon as i can</p>
<p>I added three more steps, I guess it looks better now.</p>
<p>Nice work and Congrats on being featured on Hackaday.com </p><p>http://hackaday.com/2014/03/16/diy-mini-drill-would-make-mad-max-proud/</p>
<p>Nice idea. But doesn't it make problems with not centered axles? Because this terminal makes not self-centering connection, and if the compass part is smaller or bigger than motor axle it might be not centered and might strongly vibrate.</p>
<p>You're right. My first drill was vibrating like hell - because the compass' leg was smaller than the motor's axle. But now both of them are 3mm in diameter, and perfectly fits in the terminal blocks hole.</p><p>And about the terminal, so far It seems to me it doesn't matter.</p>
very nice. innovative. maybe you can extend it further by adding a handle which houses the batteries
<p>Very nicely done (and your English is better than many native-English speakers - sad, but true.)</p><p>I really like your idea for the chuck - that was a brilliant piece of imaginative engineering.</p>

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