This video is a tutorial on how to make yourself a mobile case like the Cookie Monster.

It is made with felt and cardboard from a cereal boxThe materials you'll need are:

- Felt- Cardboard

- Hot Silicone

- Scissors

- Pen- Velcro

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Step 1: Watch the Video and Start the Tutorial

Step 2: Download This Template and Print It

<p>This is an amazing instructable!!! Hope you make more cases like this.</p><p>By any chance would you have the template for elmo or would you know how/where I could get it from.</p><p>thanks </p>
Thanks for the idea!
Very very cool, thanks for sharing. Project for this coming weekend me thinks
<p>This is ridiculously cute. Very nicely done!</p><p>Welcome to instructables, I hope you share a lot of great stuff here! :)</p>

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