Introduction: DIY Monster Bookmark

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This is my first ever tutorial and I hope you all enjoy this and also make one! In this tutorial I am going to show how to make a side monster bookmark which is like super dooper cute! and easy to make...

Step 1: Materials

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Lets gather up the materials.. you will need
1. colored paper,any colour
4.white paper
5.pencil marker

Step 2: Square Boxes

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Make a 2.5 cm each box of 3 like in the picture.Then cut the boundary, after cutting it will make a rocket shape like above

Step 3: Gluing

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Fold the figure.first left and then right and it will make a diamond shape just as the picture above.but before folding the right flap glue it and then paste it so it could form a diamond and stick it firmly.

Step 4: Step 4

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Turn the diamond around and grab a flap from bottom and bring it to top and glue it.You can now see it above in the picture.

Step 5: Cutting the Eyes and Teeth

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draw the eyes and teeth and cut them,I am making goofy eyes and sharp monster type teeth

Step 6: Pasting Time!

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Its pasting time! paste the eyes and teeth and after its dried,highlight them if you want,like eyes with black marker or if you wish you can also use a red marker and color on teeth for some bloody type teeth

Step 7: And Youre Done!

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enjoy your bookmark and put them on your books!! hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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