Step 1: Materials

Some necklaces
Duct tape or wall tape
About 10 push pins

Step 2: Wrapping

Wrap the piece of paper around the card board And stick it to the cardboard with duck tape

Step 3: Drawing

Kinda scribble on the paper to make a design

Step 4: Sticking

Put a strip of duck tape on the back of the cardboard o stick to the walls

Step 5: Poking

Poke holes on the top of the cardboard for the necklaces to hang on

Step 6: Hanging

Hang your necklaces on the hooks for easy get to when you need a necklace

You can also comment on which necklace is your favorite
Thank you I'm glad you like it<br>Aqua12&lt;3
I luv the half of the yeng yang sign :)
thank you im glad you like it&lt;3 <br>aqua12

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