video DIY no sew bow pillow cover!
This DIY room decor tutorial is super easy and the final result is very girly and polished.

This is what you'll need:

-A piece of fabric
-A pillow
-Fabric glue, hot glue or thread and needle if you want to sew.

Measurements in my case:

Large piece of fabric: 70x70 cm (28x28 in)
Small piece of fabric: 25x12 cm (10x5 in)
Pillow: 35x35 cm (14x14 in)

Share your designs in video responses and feel free to send me any request.
Thank you for watching!
SparkySolar1 month ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


BeccaParty4 months ago
Wow, that's so cool! Does it become unraveled?
TieDIY6 months ago
:O coooool! I'm renovating my room so I've gotta try this for my cushions!
Ami970210 months ago

Awwh that's lush :)))

DIYlover89 (author)  Ami970210 months ago

Thanks!! :D

This is a really cute cushion! It looks quick and easy to make (two of my fave words!). I'll have to try this soon, thanks for adding!
DIYlover89 (author)  Nostalgically New10 months ago
Thanks!!! I'm glad you like it :D