Picture of DIY old scarfs hanging rail
What can you do with old scarfs or fabrics you no longer have use for?

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Step 1: The Idea

Picture of The Idea

Why not use this technic for the 3 scarfs I have left over from the last trip into my closet - Narnia?!

Step 2: Material

Picture of Material
You need:
- 3 old scarfs or
- 3 longer pieces of fabric
- 2 rubber bands/ hair band
- 1 to 2 nails in the wall
- hangers+ clothes

Step 3: Weaving

Picture of Weaving
1. use a rubber band to tie the scarfs together at one end.

2. weave them in the usual style! Check out some easy tutorials online if needed.
TIPP: you can use whatever weaving style you'd like, as long as you have enough scarfs/pieces of fabric

3. When finished weaving till no more scarf is hanging loose, use the 2nd rubber band to tie them together again.

4. Put 2 nails on the wall- mind the distance of your DIY piece- and hang it up the wall with the rubber bands.

Step 4: Finished style

Picture of Finished style
This is my DIY scarfs hanging rail!

Step 5: Option two of hanging

Picture of Option two of hanging
Great idea :)