I’m organizing a party for programmers and techy people. Being too bored of the usual printed invitations I started to brainstorm (…with myself – LOL!) on cool invitations that I can create.

The list included, debugging an HTML page to creating pop-up windows and even coding an online application just for the party.

But since most of them require a lot of programming background I decided to stick with the printed invitation but put a twist into it by encoding the invitation details on QR Codes.


QR Codes
Business Cards

Step 1: DESIGN

Think of a design for your invitation. I decided to put it on a business card because it’s cheaper to order in bulk. I even go further into the design by having it on a custom 2” x 2” size, so that it perfectly fits the QR code.
There goes another crasher. LOL! <br>Thanks!
Lol. Jacks Pub. Dinner and Booze.<br>Great basic instructable!

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