DIY Over-the-door Ladder Holder




Introduction: DIY Over-the-door Ladder Holder

I have a small 4 ft step ladder that's just the perfect size to do my projects around the apartment - it’s fairly light which is great but it is a bit bulky to store. So to minimize the closet space it takes up when I’m not using it, but still make it easy to get to, I came up with a very quick inexpensive solution to hang it on the back of my closet door.

Step 1: Materials and Putting Together the Hanger

This is a really simple project that took minutes to make using things I already had lying around the apartment:

I used a scrap piece of 1"x 3" pine board that I had left over from a project, screwed 2 hooks on the front of it and L-brackets (left over from some IKEA bookcases) on the back of the board.

Step 2: Alternative DIY Over-the-door-hooks

If there isn't enough room between the door frame and the door to accommodate the thickness of the brackets, you can make your own over-the-door hooks using 5" x 7" aluminum flashing sheets like I did for my over-the-door organizer in my tool closet. You can see how to make those in this instructables.

Step 3: Screw the Holder to the Top of the Door

I screwed the brackets to the top of my closet door, leaving the face of the door hole free. This system works really well for me and I especially love the fact that my ladder is stored out of sight yet I don't have to rummage around my closet to get to it.



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