DIY Paper Flowers





Introduction: DIY Paper Flowers

Lets make toilet paper flowers which are easy to make.

Step 1: Materials Required

Following materials are required -

  1. toilet paper
  2. markers
  3. thread
  4. thin sticks
  5. green colored tape
  6. glue

Step 2:

Tear out three sheets of toilet paper from the roll. Now color the two long edges with the color of your choice.

Step 3:

Fold the toilet paper the way a paper fan is folded.

Step 4:

Tie a thread in the middle of the folded toilet paper as shown.

Step 5:

The toilet paper is made of two layers of soft paper. Now you have to separate them at the both the edges and move both of them on the same side as shown. Your flower is ready.

Step 6:

Now cover the sticks using the green colored tape.

Step 7:

Attach the stick on the bottom of the flower using some glue.

Step 8: Your Beautiful Flowers Are Ready to Be Put in a Vase

Step 9: You Can Even Make Multicolored Flowers



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i like it ! :)

those are very nice flowers and are easy to make :)