DIY Phone Stand - Made on Board Flight





Introduction: DIY Phone Stand - Made on Board Flight

Make your phone stand in sky(just being poetic in saying made on board flight).

Not always are you offered with awesome in-flight entertainment. You'd rather want to watch something from your phone and watch it hands-free.

Here is an instructable that helps you with the hands-free part.

First of all, The resources at your disposal are limited. The scissors, lights, matchbox, swiss-knife and shotgun would have been dumped at the security check point. So, lets make the most of what is available.

Step 1: Air Sickness Bag & Cup of Water

Fish into the seat pocket for the Air Sickness Bag. Look for it frantically in case you want to freak you co-passenger.

Ask for a cup of water from the cabin attendant and gulp it down.

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Draw a circle with the cup's rim on the top end of the paper. Don't expect your co-passenger to lend a pen. Toying around with Air Sickness Bag means you are on your own.

Step 3: Tear Out the Circle

Fold the paper along the circle diametre and tear out a circle that's about 3mm less in dia, large enough for the cup to pass through the hole.

Step 4: Insert the Cup

Insert the cup through the hole and ensure the rim does not pass through.

Step 5: 'M' Shaped Fold

Make an 'M' shaped fold about 3cm from the cup. Fold the last flap backwards.

Step 6: Place the Phone Between the Ridge and the Cup

You have yourself a phone stand made completely with materials on board.

Step 7: Watch Your Favourite Show

Also look for the relief on the co-passenger's face.



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    I'll be flying transatlantic soon, I can see I'll now have something to keep me occupied.

    Two and a half men. Good choice. I have all of the seasons on DVD. The new ones with ash is dumb in my opinion. Great 'ible btw I'm so going to do this and may make a few sounds while taking out the bag. Lol

    hahahaha.... I was looking for who would read between the lines that ash can never replace Charlie.. thanks btw

    Nice one. But it is possible to take scissors on board. Just make sure they are shorter then the attendants' ID-card.

    I am sure you can... perhaps you can cut a cleaner circle

    Great idea, and excellent use of your time on a flight to make an Instructable. Two thumbs up.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Good improvising I think McGiver did something similar.