Introduction: DIY Piston Valve for Single or Multi Shot Nerf, Air-soft or Other.

Hey guys.
Sorry for a year or so gap between activity on this site... i have been a little occupied with school/work/gaming addiction. Now i feel it is time to publish something new.

As i have somehow destroyed my launcher yet again, i will be making a replacement. it will be a small caliber (in comparison to other "air cannons") and will hopefully be more accurate than my last one. In terms of power i don't hope to get much more than the ability to knock down a coke can at 10m well when i say i don't hope, i mean i don't want anything more powerful. 

so anyways, here is a bit of a sneak peak of some of the internals of my next launcher. 

...also anyone got any ideas of what this thing should look like when I'm done?   

Here is a video of it cycling.


benjineering (author)2012-09-21

*my air cannon

TheTicklemehellmo (author)2011-09-02

Awesome! 'Ible please :D

mman1506 (author)2011-06-04

Why is this in pest control?

chinnerz (author)mman15062011-06-05

That is a really good question.
Where should i put it??

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