Step 10: cue/shaft divider

The cue and shaft divivder prevents the two pieces of the cue stick from hitting each other while carrying. I took the divider from an old pool cue case and added the new felt then hot glued it into place. Don't nail or use the e600 on the cue divider. You want this part to move around a bit. You want to place the divider in the the middle of the cue section. 
<p>looks good</p>
<p>Sweet. Now i just need to up my game, get the money, and buy myself a pool table/que/balls lol<br><br>Anyway, heres a vote for you :)</p>
thanks! practice makes perfect. :) I've been playing for a long time and always feels like I learn something new each time. joining a league soon too. :D
Very nice! You have my vote.
thanks jan! not sure if I stand a chance in the contest but thank you. :) really appreciate it
Oh heheh it all makes sense now! I also never knew it could be called a cue stick- you really do learn something new everyday!
three names and it varies from who or where you go haha. I just call it a cue stick most of the time. :p all the same. learning something new every day is a good thing. :)
Great job! But I'm pretty sure it's called a pool cue not pool stick as said in the title ;) other than that fantastic!!!
pool cue, cue stick and pool stick. all common lol
they are also called cue sticks too lol.
it is both. its commonly called a cue stick amongst pool players but I used pool stick to reach out to more people. a lot of people know it as pool stick. both are right. one is more common than the other. and thanks!
Pretty slick, I'll be checking this for help when I make mine!
thanks! it feels like a rifle case almost lol
Very cool man! I want to make my own cue holder as well! Mine will be leather though I think.. Great work! How does it hold up with the balls In there?
Very Well ! its not heavy as most would think. its Very ergonomic

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