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I love pool and all things related to pool. And because of that I made this! I turned a kids toy pool table into a wall clock, using the balls as the numbers indicating the time. Why didn't I play it instead? Well I tried. But after years of playing on a real table this one just lacked everything. While it looks like a pool table it doesnt play like one. It is slow and you can't get any spin on the cue ball so instead of it sitting on my floor I figured why not turn it into a clock! If you love pool or know someone who does and would love this as a gift then you are in the right place!  I will show you how easy it is to turn a childs toy pool table into a clock. Perfect for any fan of the game, mancave or just a wall decoration!

Step 1: All things needed

Picture of All things needed
You will need
Small toy pool table (found it at good will)
the pool table balls
An ordinary face clock
and certain tools 

btkramer795 months ago

Nice. How about using little pool cues for the clock's hands?

coolsista91 year ago
out-of-the-box (author)  coolsista91 year ago
good wow? its one of my favorite projects! still running on a somewhat dead battery