I love pool and all things related to pool. And because of that I made this! I turned a kids toy pool table into a wall clock, using the balls as the numbers indicating the time. Why didn't I play it instead? Well I tried. But after years of playing on a real table this one just lacked everything. While it looks like a pool table it doesnt play like one. It is slow and you can't get any spin on the cue ball so instead of it sitting on my floor I figured why not turn it into a clock! If you love pool or know someone who does and would love this as a gift then you are in the right place!  I will show you how easy it is to turn a childs toy pool table into a clock. Perfect for any fan of the game, mancave or just a wall decoration!

Step 1: All Things Needed

You will need
Small toy pool table (found it at good will)
the pool table balls
An ordinary face clock
and certain tools 

<p>Nice. How about using little pool cues for the clock's hands?</p>
good wow? its one of my favorite projects! still running on a somewhat dead battery

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