DIY Portable Game System





Introduction: DIY Portable Game System

         have you ever wished you could take your n64, n63, or even PS3 anywhere?

look no more!

Step 1: The Device and Tools

    For the system I use a plug-and play, as the jacks make it easier as time goes on. These are relatively inexpensive. The unlucky one I'm about to butcher today is an Intellivision, a 5-dollar one. I used it since the games (29 of them!) are built in!

my tools are standard, except for the lockpicking knife I use for a wedge to pry open cases.

alternatively, you can use a raspberry pi operating system, and add games and other parts later.

Step 2: Peel It Apart!

    Now that you have your wanted device, take the screwdriver and wedge. remember to use a starpoint! Unscrew the battery pack. Then use the wedge to take out the casing. Take off the buttons for later. Take the motherboard chip from inside and cut off the battery pack's wires. We'll rewire a new one later. take note of the number of original batteries, though, as you need that info.

if you are using a raspberry pi, you won't do this. You'll need to make a case for everything, as shown later.
​actually, skip steps until necessary.


Step 3: Additional Info About the Device

                my device has the entire game collection stored in a small chip attached to the back of the motherboard.

just a note.

Step 4: Sound

        As the case with plug-and plays, you have no speakers  built in. You can either use the audio jack, or, like it shows, Rip off the jack and hook up a speaker in it's place.

Step 5: Screens

            I can't really find any cheap screens. Raspberry pi can buy their own, but us retro gamers have to use an old Casio TV screen, or a PlayStation 1 screen, the latter being better but WAY more expensive.



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    Any Idea to still work as an Intellivision but to add more games to it?

    Maybe this should be a Plug & Play instructable, and another thing you can add is maybe a way to get a project box, and ways to make new buttons? just a suggestion, i hope you add it. (By the way, some project boxes can come from

    I probably should, or I'll make a different one about exterior. this instructable has to be somewhat vague as I don't really know specifically what everybody is using.

    this is unfinished.... please finish it and show a working item. not to be mean or anything like that, but unfinished projects are kinda pointless on a website focused on making stuff.

    Going to have to agree with kyle. There are no information on anything that actually requires you showing work. Kind of looks like you took some random photos of parts just to enter a contest. I would rethink your steps and include more details regarding video and audio out solder points, case design, signal amplifiers if needed, and a picture of a working product.

    AbDuCt, I can't be specific on solder points as I don't know what system everybody is peeling open. That's why for that section I tried to be as general as possible. You shouldn't need signal amplifiers, since really, what signals am I going to be recieving here? as for the picture, I'll try making a video of a working model.

    even more the picture of the screen you show, you dont even own the intellectual properties to.

    Kyle, that was an insult, not even a helpful remark like AbDuct's....... and anyway, that picture was from my phone, like all my pictures. the floor, if you're wondering, is maplewood.

    AbDuCt, thank you for the tips. I will try to be more descriptive in my instructables. I'm still working on this one, so sit tight!

    thank you, Kyle, for bringing up a good point. I like that you tell me something that would be useful, so I'll try adding in a video of the finished product soon.