Picture of DIY pvc multiple guitar stand
A simple and cheap stand for one or more guitars. Takes maybe two hours to build.
Mod is based on imarunner2's pvc bike rack.
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of parts list
This is a 4 guitar version.
I bought two 10 foot 3/4 inch pvc pipes and had them cut in half at the store.
11 3/4 "T" connectors
6 elbows
5 caps
2 sections of self adhesive insulating pipe foam.
Pictured is my dog wondering if the foam is edible.

Step 2: Measure twice cut many

Picture of measure twice cut many
Height is 32 inches. Width is 27 inches. Front/back is 32 inches.
I started by building the base first. I used 4 elbows on the ends to give it a slight off the floor elevation. Here is an example pic the one side of the base. I've dry-fitted the rubber insulation foam. This is where the lower bout of the guitars will rest.

Step 3: Assembled

Picture of assembled
Pretty easy to make. I used a metal saw and a dremel to cut throught the plasic. If you use a dremel have good ventilation as the melted plastic stinks. The caps go on the end of the teeth.
The rubber foam is very cheap-less than $5 for 6 feet. It has two self adhesive strips on both sides of the slit. It is very sicky so care is needed when doing the final fit. I used PVC cement on the top elbow joints-didn't want to risk it popping apart and dropping the guitars. I measured for 6 inches between the teeth for the archtops and 4 inches for the other two slots.
One improvement you should consider is adding a cross support halfway up the back. The unit is fairly sturdy now but does have a little sideways looseness.
Whitman still can't figure out if this is food, a toy, or what...

Step 4: Done and in use!

Picture of Done and in use!
I'm happy with the results. It saves space and I no longer need multiple single guitar stands.
Here you see my Ibanez, Heritage 575, Hagstrom Swede, and National Delphi filling it up. (yes they're all left handed)

Total cost was less than 30 dollars. Similiarly manufactered items go for $50 to $100 in music shops.
Awesome thanks man, easy instructions and it really was cheap check it out
rino1017 years ago
hi i making one of these in shop class out of metal maybe but probably just pvc and i was wandering if u had the exact size of each piece between the bottom where the guitar lays and the upper part where the necks go so i don't have to measure my guitars, or maybe just the size of every peice?
RickC8 years ago
hi i need to make one of these stands for my tech class do any of u guys have like measurements for the distances form one bar to the other thanks