Step 2: Measure twice cut many

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Height is 32 inches. Width is 27 inches. Front/back is 32 inches.
I started by building the base first. I used 4 elbows on the ends to give it a slight off the floor elevation. Here is an example pic the one side of the base. I've dry-fitted the rubber insulation foam. This is where the lower bout of the guitars will rest.
Awesome thanks man, easy instructions and it really was cheap check it out
rino1017 years ago
hi i making one of these in shop class out of metal maybe but probably just pvc and i was wandering if u had the exact size of each piece between the bottom where the guitar lays and the upper part where the necks go so i don't have to measure my guitars, or maybe just the size of every peice?
RickC8 years ago
hi i need to make one of these stands for my tech class do any of u guys have like measurements for the distances form one bar to the other thanks