Picture of DIY rebuild of a Zippo lighter
the zippo lighter, often imitated but never duplicated.

few products have stood the test of time like the zippo lighter. if there was any one bit of classic americana most people can identify, it's a zippo. it's a simple, well engineered design that always works if properly cared for. a zippo will stay lit in a strong wind when most other lighters just give up. in production since 1932, millions of zippos are out there. this instructable will show you how to rebuild your lighter.

this instructable takes for granted that you have the ability to use basic hand tools and work with small parts. you are dealing with a fire starting device that contains flammable fluid. please exercise caution. it may be a good idea to keep an extinguisher nearby as lighter fluid is extremely flammable.

zippo offers a lifetime warranty on all their traditional lighters. you don't have to do some of these repairs yourself but i personally try to fix all the ones in my collection before resorting to sending them in. the folks at zippo are gracious enough to honor their lifetime warranty so i only use it when needed. by doing some of this yourself, you don't run the risk of your lighter getting lost in the mail.
LukaZ11 year ago

How this hinge can be fixed?

TSJWang1 year ago

Sir, those are some nice Zippos.

You could just send it back to zippo and get a brand new one.
ke4mcl (author)  FlamingApplez2 years ago
yep, that is true. however some folks have sentimental attachment to their lighter and want it back. generally zippo will fix your lighter if you send it to them. the risk here is the postal service loosing your favorite lighter. if you can do some of this yourself and not risk loosing the lighter then why not have at it?
they fix the original they ask if it's sentimental before they replace
useful but I send them to zippo first. they fix it no cost and have sent me new inserts for free when I have
The old ladies at Bradford PA know when your doing tricks with them, especially when a brand new lighter comes in with a busted hinge. :-) They will still weld a new hinge on and send you a penny and insert. From my experience, if your lighter needs the spot welds redone then they will replace the stock pin with a roll pin. But if you tear the hinge apart so they cant put a roll pin in then they will weld a new hinge on there.
Roll pins make it difficult to do certain tricks with. :-(
It just amazes me all the stuff that was invented in the early 30s that has gone through so few changes and still works today. The Zippo lighter, the browning Machine Gun. America!
Toxictom2 years ago
Thanks for the tips. I've been pondering how to tighten up the hinge on an old Zippo for some time. This looks like it should do the trick.
Nicely done!