DIY Relay Motor Driver


Introduction: DIY Relay Motor Driver

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Designed for experimental purpose this relay logic circuit may work in combination with a rolling shade motor. The circuit consists of two monostable relays, two momentary switches and some basic componets.  Depending on the duration of the push, the motor works manually or automatically. If the push lasts for 4 seconds or less the motor stops once the button is released. If the button is pressed for more than 4 seconds the motor keeps on and can be stopped by pressing briefly the opposite direction button. No relay works if both buttons are pressed. In the image  you can see the control circuit.
DO, DC - direction relays
OLS, CLS - limit switches
SBO, SBC - direction buttons
Power supply : 12VDC 

Warning and disclaimer: the information within this project is provided as is. No warranty or liability is expressed or implied.



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    What did you make this for? 4 seconds seems like an awfully long time to be pressing a button to me. I'm going to rate you 4 stars because I like motors.

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    The motor works once you press the button. But if you release the button within 4 seconds the motor stops, otherwise it can be stopped by pressing the opposite direction button, or by the limit switch.
    A similar system is used in some car electric windows, but the time delay is about 1 second.

    I read your article so I got all the time stuff. Yes, now that you mention it a lot of new electric car windows do have the annoying auto circuit in them. Mostly just for the driver's window though. Where I can least deal with it.

    They work by one push and it runs the window all the way down, unless you hit the button back up again. This makes it extremely difficult to just crack the window open a bit.

    Then they carefully engineer the buttons to be in the most difficult to reach place. I'm convinced it is all a fiendishly clever plot to get people to wreck their cars and have to buy new ones.

    I think that the best solution for car windows is a double click button. If you need open the window just a bit you press lightly, otherwise you press the button all the way.

    I never had one of those fancy cars. Either that or I just press buttons too hard. I've been loving my push button motor starter lately. Though I've found I don't use it how I think I would. So I might have to modify the switches on it somewhat.

    Now I find myself flipping the power toggle on, then hitting the start button, and shutting it down by flipping the power toggle off. I never use the stop button. I still like it though!