Small bathroom in one room city apartment

We discovered moisture damage in our bathroom and it had to be fixed. Even we will have plumbing in our apartment complex within 5 years, we decided to take it apart and make renovation with small budget about 1000EUR.

I have many tiling tools from old renovation so I also saved some money in them. Try to borrow from your friends, relatives or job as much as you can if you don't want to buy trowels, tile cutter etc. and save money also that way. Shower cabin, which is in the pictures is not included in the budget.

Here in Finland you can renovate by yourself only if apartment complex manager agrees with it. Also certain things as water isolation and pipe modification require certificated person, so if you decide to make renovation clarify and follow your country's and apartment complex regulations/instructions. 

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Step 1: Tear It Down!

First you need to gather all essential tools for demolition

You will need

  • Protective gloves and goggles
  • Dumpster or big bags
  • Regular saw, jigsaw optional
  • Hammer & chisel to remove tiles (best way to do it)
  • Utility knife
  • Whetstone for removing old mortar (use for thick layers wide chisel)
  • Other tools & equipment for example warm air fan for drying moisture damage
First remove all items and fittings such as mirror, sink, toilet, thermostats etc. Take off old tiles with hammer and chisel. If tiles are on plasterboard it probably will break down. If you have chipboard it's possible to take tiles off with smaller damage but you still have to smooth it in preparation phase. In my case we also had to take down outer walls for drying it all out. Because this renovation is "temporary" for us, we didn't take all tiles off and did leave them on two main walls.

Remove tiles from floor and sand it with whetstone. After demolition clean everything up and vacuum dust.

Be careful that you don't hit any pipes or electrical wires!
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very good &amp; detailed.
great job!

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