DIY Ring Jewelry- Retro-style Spoon Jewelry Making DIY





Introduction: DIY Ring Jewelry- Retro-style Spoon Jewelry Making DIY

Our new jewelry making DIY project is this spoon ring; an unused coffee spoon handle is to be upcycled into a retro-style silver ring, which is really great DIY ring jewelry.

Step 1: Cut Off Spoon Handle

1st, measure your finger size and mark that length on spoon;

2nd, cut off handle out of spoon;

3rd, trim off sharp angles and sand the edges.

Step 2: Bend Handle Into Ring Shape

Use plier to bend your handle and slowly shape it into a ring shape which can snugly fit for your finger.

Step 3: Now the Finished DIY Ring Jewelry Is Like This:

Our jewelry making DIY is ended up here! As you can see, the spoon ring is seriously simple to make; the materials and tools are often can be found at your kit box. And this ring may be one of a kind.



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    Awesome! What kind of knife did you use to cut through the spoon?