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This distinctive bright orange beast is a Triton MK3 saw bench; a fantastic Australian invention that easily converts a standard hand held circular saw into a table saw. I think mainly popular here in Australia and also the UK. The Triton bench is now 30+ years old - it dates from an era when table saws were horrendously expensive and even circular saws weren't cheap. The one design limitation to my mind is the rip fence - a thin aluminium thing that locks down into two parallel slots turned at 90 degrees to the blade. Trouble is that there is nothing to keep the rip fence aligned to the blade - so for each new rip cut you need to move the fence, set it parallel to the blade and then lock it down with two clamping knobs. Fiddly...time consuming and needed a fix on the cheap

So I looked at many of the DIY table saw Instructables and decided to make a sliding T square style fence. Apart from the Instructables community, inspiration also came from two Online woodworkers: Stan Sullivan (Simply Easy DIY) - and Wooden Tool Man
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Step 1: Build the fence

Picture of Build the fence
I ripped a 1.1m long melamine board into three strips around 8cm wide using my circular saw and then screwed them together to make a u-shaped profile. Square scrap pieces of MDF are then screwed into the inside of the assembly to stop the melamine warping inward. This is strong, rigid and due to the melamine, reasonably heavy. This makes for a very stiff and square section that will become the fence. Unlike some fence builds it means I can rip cut on either side of the fence.

Step 2: Build The Fence Guide Channel

Picture of Build The Fence Guide Channel
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Nice and easy - just scrap timber formed into a u shaped profile and bolted to the end of the saw bench. This creates the mounting point for the rip fence to slide within.
doncra (author) 6 months ago
Thank you
BentSticks7 months ago
Nice instructable. Seems very simple. Gives me some good ideas for my own project.