Therowingmachine isoneof the less familiarfitness machinesforcardiovascular training. Exercisersseemmore likelyto optforthe famoustreadmill orthe exercise bike. Nevertheless the rowingmachine is as well and maybe even better than other fitness machines.Onarowing machine you strengthenyour arms, legs, stomach, back and other muscles. In addition a rowingmachine isless stressfulon the joints and it can make awelcome change in your fitness program.

The total cost of this rowing machine is around  100 dollar. I didn't make this to save money, I just like to make my own.

Note for conversion to inch visit this site: http://www.linuxfocus.org/~guido/javascript/cm-inch-conversion.html 

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Two hook bolts
  • Two hook screws
  • Ten screw eyes
  • Four spring washers M12
  • Eight washers M12
  • Eight hexagon nuts M12
  • Threadedrod M12
  • A bunch of screws
  • One carabiner
  • Two cable clamps
  • Ten small wheels 3 cm in diameter
  • Two small wheels 4 cm in diameter
  • Wooden beams ( 4 cm x 4 cm ) approximately  10 meter total usage
  • Wooden stick 2.5 cm in diameter and approximately 60 cm long
  • Wooden board approximately 88 cm x 30 cm x 2.7 cm
  • MDF boards approximately 99 cm x 33 cm x 1.1 cm
  • Two long pieces of aluminum (140 cm x 4 cm x 3 mm)
  • Elastic straps
  • Four pulleys
  • Two bearings: outer diameter 32 mm, inner diameter 12 mm
  • Rope 2 meter, 10 mm in diameter


  • Wood glue
  • Wood wax
  • Wood paste
  • Jig saw
  • Screw driver
  • Sand paper
  • Wood clamps
  • Wood file
  • Drill
  • Drill bit  6 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 32 mm
Do you have a kit instruction with materals?
You don't need a kit. Pick up a saw. You can do this.
<p>I love this!</p>
<p>Is there a drawing of the rowing machine?</p>
<p>The materials list shows wooden beams of 4x4cm, but photos show retangular shaped beam. Where is the true, please?</p>
<p>It seems to have been 2 - 4 years since this was first posted and commented on. I just found it on May 19, 2016 and have a question regarding &quot;Wear/Deterioration&quot; of the ROPE or Drive Pulley?&quot;</p><p>I am working on a Lever Drive for a Manual Wheel Chair for the mobility impaired which might be able to use an MDF Drive Plate driven by a &quot;Wrapped Rope&quot; clutch/brake similar to a Bow/Drill-Lathe </p><p>Has anyone actually built such an MDF Pulley with a Rope/Cable band Drive interface?</p><p>wallace.l.johnston@gmail.comAmarillo, TX</p>
<p>It should work but MDF if not sealed will degrade if exposed to high moisture i also see issues with weight and durability I would suggest trying a small bicycle tire rim it would be lighter as well. Good luck.</p><p>If you can't find a small bike wheel check out sites that sell recumbent bikes and parts. </p>
<p>I was interested in building this until i looked at the For Sale section in my area and found they only cost about $70 second hand. I know that is not the point of this website, and props to you - it looks cool.</p>
<p>Wow! thats really well made! you could sell that you know? I bet people would pay a bomb for it! Well Done! I hope I too can one day build one just like yours, when I have the time? Good able by the way, well thought out, clear instructions although Ive only briefly scanned over it, it looked good and concise! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Nice!</p><p>I'm just wondering in how to do one by myself and here it comes your great ibles!</p><p>Thanks!</p><p>If I found time to do it, I will copy your rowing machine!</p><p>I love to train with it in the gym, but now, I prefer to train in my house and this machine is the only what I miss from the gym.</p>
<p>Hay Harry</p><p>Good Day, I&rsquo;m trying to make my own rowing machine by your given instruction and I&rsquo;ve gather all of &ldquo;<strong>Top Quality Materials and tools</strong>&rdquo; also I was made it. It&rsquo;s looking good and cool but it&rsquo;s shake and uncomfortable, I get hunt and injured by drop in floor. Can you please suggest me a best rowing machine ?. I know It will cost more than <strong>$500 - $800</strong> but I need good one.</p><p>Thanks!</p><p>- Jonathan</p>
<p>Great workout machine. Nice. Cheap to build.</p><p>Be cool to see a free-wheeling flywheel that is impulsed by the pulley in one direction only (ratcheting action) and have that wheel rotate some magnets that would act as a generator to charge your iphone. The flywheel's side benefit is that it would offer inertial resistance when you start it spinning as if you were starting to row a real boat from a still position. The generator can also drive a meter that gives you a sense of how fast you are moving in the virtual water.</p>
Very cool. Wish I had the space in my dorm for one...<br>On another note, is there any possibility of getting this in some sort of CAD format?
<p>It's seems that with a modification to the &quot;frame&quot;, that you would be able to stand this unit up on end to save space when storing the unit..</p>
Sorry, i didn't make any drawings.
Just finished building your rowing machine for my wife. She is quite happy with it. <br>It took a little while to convert from your metric to our silly english dimensions. Your pictures and directions were very helpful. A very clever and sturdy design. <br>Thanks!
that's a beautiful build, but this kind of rowing machine is cheap to buy. I have wanted a sesrious air-resistance maachine fora ges but can't afford a good one, and the cheaper versions just simply don't work. anyone know how an air resistance unit is made? what's in there? I am thinking that basing it around a bike wheel gives you an axle, bearings, a freewheel mechanism and opportunities to drive the wheel a bit like this project, or from a chainset. add air resistance fins and enclose in a perforated cylinder? it would take up more space than this.
great instructable! just thoght i should mention in the picture, your rowing wrong. the handle should be at the third rib from the bottom.
This is wonderful! I love rowing and was looking around for machines and none of them seemed good enough for the price they asked. This looks like a really fun project for me to bring that down, and still have a quality machine. Really appreciate the post! <br> <br>And let me take this chance to introduce myself to the community - this will be my first project. Thanks to all those that make this site wonderful; it is everything I need for living on my own now :)
Very nice. It's just what I was waiting for. I'm trying to produce a sketch (using SketchUp) before starting construction, an I got a little confused with some dimensions. Is that possible that there are some mistakes regarding the location of 10 cm pieces on the base and the location of the vertical frame (120 cm)? Thanks for your answer.
Excellent build, looks like quality work. My only recommendation would be a back stop for the seat for newer rowers. I had a problem when I started (and still sometimes do) with whenever I sat down the seat always glided to the back and it was only because of the backstop that I didn't fall off. The bungee thing is also brilliant, the sound of the fan blades spinning up was always annoying at high resistance.
very well that's the best thing I've ever seen
Amazing! Now we have some good competition for this contest! :) I'm sure you will win the Grand Prize, but I'm going for the first place! Great job again, and good luck!
Good luck to you too!
Very probably one of the most well written, and detailed Instructables I've seen since being exposed to the site. Fantastic work, sir! This just made it to my list of projects!
Thank you very much, your comment made my day.
Awesome, that is a great looking machine.
That's a great looking rowing machine, it's probably not economically convenient to make your own, but I bet it's all compensated by the satisfaction of such a beautiful DIY final result.
Precisely! <br>
Wow. really great write up and machine!
Thanks, for me writing was the hardest part.
Very nice job. Another advantage of bungee-power over pneumatic resistance is that bungees are always quiet. They do not screech when they wear out and are cheap to replace. This is going on my eventual projects list - I lost my rowing machine during the last move.
Thanks, it was pretty easy to make to. The only thing I would recommend: if you're used to exercising on a rowing machine, use thicker bungees. <br>
This is just awesome! Very nice build.
That's awesome. My back and legs are tired just looking at it. Excellent work!

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