D.I.Y Selfie Stick


Introduction: D.I.Y Selfie Stick

About: i am from India,my main goal is to make an d.i.y projects for myself without much spending money hehe :) and i m doing mechanical engineering (degree) that's it

this is my another project which i made this summer

its very popular nows a days , so i decided to make a selfie stick

Step 1: Selfie Stick Mounting

i made selfie stick mounting with the old mechanicx kit part

you can buy this from this link


and i used black plastic hollow tube

or you can use ..wooden stick or an hollow rod :)

Step 2: Mechanism

so here the trick

you can use your old headphone for clicking the photos

and hide it inwards to hollow stick

hint: first test it with ur phone by open camera and try to click photos with headphones button

and if it work for you ,, so u can begin to make selfie stick

thanks for reading :)



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