Picture of DIY silent library
In this Instructable I'll be showing you how to put on your own silent library game show at home, great for party's or just for fun, let's get started!
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Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
First I'll show you how to make the box that reveals the challenge to the contestants these are the supplies you'll need to gather:

a box (I use a smaller paper plate box but anyone will do!)

a lever(I got it from an old toy but if you can't find anything you could use a PVC pipe!)

X-acto knife


fishing line (or thread!)

black paint


paint brush

Duct tape


extra cardboard

Step 2: Cut a square

Picture of Cut a square
Start by cutting a square on the front of the box using the X-acto knife, the size of the square will vary depending on the box, Then flip the box around and cut an access panel on the back.(so you can change the sign)

Step 3: Insert the lever

Picture of Insert the lever
Next place the lever on the side of the box about half way and trace around it with the pen and cut it out with the X-acto, then insert the lever and cut two small pieces of tape then stick them to the sides of the lever.

Step 4: Make the mechanism

Picture of make the mechanism
To make the dropping mechanism start by cutting a square of cardboard a little bit bigger then the front hole and set it aside, next attach the fishing line(or thread) to the lever by opening up the side of the box and securing the string with tape, then poke two holes in the bottom of the box (using the tack) right next to each other and run the string through them,after that all you have to do is tie the tack to the loose end of the string and your done!

Step 5: Set the box

Picture of Set the box
to set the mechanism just press the tack through the bigger piece of cardboard then tack the card board to the box, this is the inside when the lever is pulled:
Your instructable seems to be about a TV show, but with no description of the game it makes no sense. Not every one who reads instructables will be watching the same TV channel you have, and while it may be possible to google the TV show, it would be nice to describe how to actually PLAY the game you are building.
gogglecrab (author)  Dream Dragon4 years ago
Oh sorry about that thanks for the tip, I'll fix it!
Well it would be nice if some people would click the link provided that does tell people what the game show is about