DIY Skateboard Longboard Riser Lights Angled Riser





Introduction: DIY Skateboard Longboard Riser Lights Angled Riser

so i almost got hit by a car the other night on my way to the local walgreens... it was super dark no street lights and i realised i wasnt very visable. i had seen riser lights online... checked them out. too expensive. and i dont like the fact they are not on angled risers. so i decided to build my own. cheap too...

Step 1: Stuff You Need

vitals in this project.

1. set of risers to modify
2. simple switch
3. 2 high intensity wide angle leds
4. 2 small calculator sized batteries
5. dremel with small sanding bit.
6.soldering gun and solder
7. hot glue gun
8. some small section of shipping foam

you can "borrow" some of these things like the leds batteries and switches from electronics around your house.


this step is my fave cause i like to use my dremel. basically you are carving plastic out of certain areas of the riser to create room for the leds wiring switch and batteries

sector nine risers are what i used they have a good central location for batteries.

make sure you are carving out the correct side for which way you want the leds to face.

one of my wires ran on under side of this picture...

and dont forget to take your time.

Step 3: Led Circuit

so for this next step you may want to draw a small circuit on a piece of paper just for reference. i did just forgot to take a picture of it.

any way you need to solder leds together, the positive from one should be connected to the negative of the second. for more information if you are confused just click here other than that this is a simple step.

notes: make sure your connections are strong. this will experience a lot of vibrations so make certain your connections are solid.

take your time just cause there arent lots of pictures doesnt mean this is a quick step... simple not quick.

you will notice i started using a different switch later in the pictures this is because i broke the two in the first pictures (go me!) trying to rush...

some use resistors, i didnt... still works fine.

Step 4: Show That Hot Glue Gun Some Lovin...

now you need to take everything you have in front of you and smother it in hot glue.... not really... but feel free to make it messy if you need too since you wont ever see the mess again. or atleast until you change the batteries...

i covered the back of the leds in hot glue so if i go threw a puddle of water and it somehow gets wet it wont short out the circuit... i suggest you do the same... hot glue the switch in if theres any wiggle room.

batteries are tricky. first i hot glues the wires to the correct side of each battery. then i taped the batteries together then i hot glued two little pieces of foam to one side to ensure pressure against both batteries...

Step 5: Assembly and in Closing

so the final step is to put it on your board! if your hardware isnt long enough for a riser then go pick some up at the local hardware store...

other than that youre done! test it out...


prob not the best idea for super secret sessions in the middle of the night since it makes you super visable. and easily spotted

mine are really bright pictures dont do it justice

instructions would be the same for front lights i would just use three white leds instead

thanks for checkin out my first instructable!!!



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    Love this, worked out great

    16, 7:20 PM.jpg16, 7:20 PM.jpg

    There is a company that is doing this. And offers a bit more lighting and safety.

    Its called Ekick. This is there website its a bit stronger material.


    this is great!
    im planning on adding the blue l.e.d Car light strips onto my board.

    Wow nice. Thanx dude.

    A company just marketed these. Sow it on SF

    Yeah I just started the company. Its called Light Riser. Check it out at

    realy nice idea for the back. i saw some plans for front lights on silverfish that looked pretty impresive though

    i do believe this is a fenominal idea and wish do do this on my board, but why not just carry a flashlight

    I would personally try to put another pair of 1/8" riser pads underneath these, to protect from water and dirt coming in through the trucks and into the risers.