Introduction: DIY Small Doll

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To day we are going to make a small fab doll!:D

Step 1: What You Need

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For this creation you will need:

A sewing machine or a sewing kit

An old t-shirt and old trousers(fabric)




Laundry pen

Cotten wool


Step 2: Template

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So first you will need to draw a template like the one above. Any size will do as long as it fits on an A4 sheet of paper. And cut out.

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

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Ok so now you have made the template you are going to cut from the bottom of a trousers so that you get two of the same peaces(DON'T FORGET TO PIN THE TEMPLATE DOWN!!) Now cut a shape that can fit in the the ovule but not to fill it with the other fabric.

Step 4: Sewing on the Face

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So what to do is pin down the the shape to one of the big peaces and sew it on using the machine.

Step 5: Sewing the Body

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Now turn your fabric in side out and pin together. Now sew around the out side but leave a gap for stuffing the doll!

Step 6: Stuffing

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Now fill your doll with cotton wool but leave enough to sew the hole up!!!

Step 7: Finishing the Sewing

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Now sew the hole up really close to the cotton wool and cut away any exes.

Step 8: Finishing All Together

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You can now add some face detail for the face and hearts or some thing like that by using the pen. Don't forget make it you own!!!!


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