DIY Smoke Bomb





Introduction: DIY Smoke Bomb

This is a smoke bomb. And we have to use a pencil, a ping pong ball and tin foil.
And scissors, lighter

This also work like a flare.

Step 1: Assembly

First, cut the ping pong ball in pieces like the photo and cut the tin foil to 12cm x 12cm , then, put all pieces in the center of the tin foil after that put the pencil vertically in the center of the tin foil and the ping pong ball pieces, finnaly, squeeze the tin foil like in the photo.

Step 2: Test

now take out the pencil and burn down the tin foil until it will throw smoke.



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    We have airlift battles at our house and this will be a distraction.

    you can also make a Badass smoke bomb by beating equal parts of saltpeter and sugar together. out a wick in it let it cool down to solid form. then light the wick. a 1 lb brick will smoke out a city block

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    where can you find saltpeter? I tried a couple years back and couldnt find it anywhere. looked online what it was and i guess people used to use it as some kind of medicine and you could get it at pharmacy so I called and they basically said be careful asking for that or people might think your a terrorist

    Thanks, I am going to take the test