I love listening to vinyl on my "mass-fi" Sanyo console stereo. It really not that bad of a stereo, lots of features, but the turntable, like other cheapos, is lacking. Instead of having a nice solid CLUNK when you tap it, the thin , plastic platter rings and vibrates.
Of course also this vibration also rears its head when your trying to play a lp with lots of upper-frequency noise. It was utterly terrible, and the hi-freq resonance was horrible! Bass was almost non-existant.

When I got tired of Ric Ocasek singing "Sssssssppp" on every "s" sound, I figured it was time to create a record mat!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need-

High-quality felt, you will only need two 1' by 1' pieces.

Nice, vibrant Sharpie

A pattern LP (DONT USE A GOOD ONE!!!)

SHarp Scissors
Using rubber mat would improve sound (it should not be too thick, since the tonearm's height is not adjustable). But I understand that this felt record mat would be better without anything between the turntable and record. Using a disc stabilizer (record clamp) would also help improving the sound. Please someone post howto make a good DIY record clamp LP disc stabilizer!
The idea of slipmat is that you can spin the record freely against the rotating direction of the platter, you can't really scratch with the rubber plate. <br /> <br /> What I didn't know was that it could make any records sound better, the slipmat is definitely thicker than what you made. My friend has a really cheap record player, and it sounds horrible, I'll try if it sounds any better with slipmat, thanks for sharing this.<br />
Good idea, but you can also buy nice looking so-called 'slipmats' to put on your platter. They are for sale in DJ-shops and in recordshops that sell 12 " records for DJ's. It makes it a lot easier en nicer to look at and you can buy them for 10 euro's or less.
Nice, but it don't must be too tall, because then the the pick-up's touch angle changes. Pardon my English, if you don't understand, here is the same in Spanish: Muy bonito, pero no debe ser demasiado alto, porque entonces cambia el √°ngulo de toque del pick-up.

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