What do you do when your solar-powered garden light gives up? The solar cell usually is OK. I decide to convert it to a 1,5 V batter charger. It works very well!

<p>you need a diode for when the sun is not up to stop the battery discharging through the solar panel</p>
<p>I also thought that I need a diode so I tested without it and it works fine.</p>
<p>Wow, what an awareness!</p><p>The correct answer is: &quot;It is not broken YET&quot;!</p><p>You need to check up the maximum voltage or the solar cell, then you have to stabilize (probably stepping up or down) to the max. volt. of the battery including a diode.</p><p>e.g.:</p><p>Secondary Cell = 1.3V</p><p>Solar Cell: max. 2V</p><p>Diode = -0.7V</p><p>or</p><p>Battery &gt; Solar Cell -&gt; Boost Module</p><p>Battery &lt; Solar Cell -&gt; Buck Module</p><p>or any automatic module</p><p>would work fine!</p>

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