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What do you do when your solar-powered garden light gives up? The solar cell usually is OK. I decide to convert it to a 1,5 V batter charger. It works very well!


dasimpson1981 (author)2014-07-16

you need a diode for when the sun is not up to stop the battery discharging through the solar panel

I also thought that I need a diode so I tested without it and it works fine.

holymoses (author)hermanwahsletn2015-07-24

Wow, what an awareness!

The correct answer is: "It is not broken YET"!

You need to check up the maximum voltage or the solar cell, then you have to stabilize (probably stepping up or down) to the max. volt. of the battery including a diode.


Secondary Cell = 1.3V

Solar Cell: max. 2V

Diode = -0.7V


Battery > Solar Cell -> Boost Module

Battery < Solar Cell -> Buck Module

or any automatic module

would work fine!

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