As an experiment i wanted to use my laptop's stereo mic input instead of the usb mic that i usually use. At first i just hooked up the two electret capsules to a stereo jack and plugged it in, the results was quite surprising so i decided to make a proper enclosure for it, and yeah! it is a tuna can, thus i made a step by step video :D.

<p>really cool can you take a look at my post and tell me if im in the right path ? i just learn about your video but i been had the idea but where im talking about this concept ppl are telling me that i need alot more then what you mention in here http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/216897/how-can-we-make-a-signal-out-of-a-2-pin-mic-output/216914?noredirect=1#comment465047_216914</p>

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