Picture of DIY stylish sofa-bed

The purpose of this project is to build a sofa that can be also an emergency bed (quite confortable..) and also act as home theater case.

In my room the shape of furniture was particular, so I adopted the sofa shape to it.

If you are interested, you can view the list of my not-yet-realized ideas on my blog

NEW: I published the instructable of the whole attic

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • 5 pieces of wood (multilayer or MDF), the size of wood depends on the size of the sofa. I used 110 cm x 120cm (43 x 47 inches)
  • Screwdriver (better if electric)
  • Electric saw
  • Lot of screw
  • Metal bars to connect wood pieces
  • Sheets of paper (better if they are big)
  • Tape
  • High density Foam (10 cm)
  • Low density Foam (3 cm)
  • Lot of fabric
  • Thin plywood
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derte84 (author) 5 years ago
simacan3 months ago

Superb.. It's hard to find perfect fit shape sofa. I should create that one too.

alewis341 year ago
this is the reason why i love instructables
derte84 (author)  alewis341 year ago

Thanks :)

jgreathouse2 years ago
That's really nice! I just love it. How much did it cost you to build
jweber265 years ago
Looks fantastic!

1 critique though: recievers are notorious for giving off quite a bit of heat and can overheat without proper ventilation. Were there any concerns that this design does not provide adequate ventilation for your equipment?
derte84 (author)  jweber265 years ago
 Indeed I added a fan inside the box tho blow out hot air
Good idea, I was going to say. Better to put a vent than to have to replace the amp or even put out a fire.
futeng5 years ago
Any idea on how this could be modified for a regular wall? And is it comfortable? good for the back?
derte84 (author)  futeng3 years ago
it all depends on the height and density of the foam. I needed to limit the height for other reason but is still comfortable to sleep one night
If this was heatetd I would pay 18000 euro!!
derte84 (author)  FlatLinerMEDIC3 years ago
For that amount I can open s business :)
Oh i meant to say lire....=/
You could add a heated blanket under the fabric layer. I don't think this would pose any more of a fire hazard than a heated blanket normally would. (Which is to say not much, but if you find yourself on fire I was wrong.)
derte84 (author)  omalachowski3 years ago
Actually the amplifier is almost an heater :)
cool! can you make a version of it for a regular wall, but with some storage on the sides?
derte84 (author)  foodcity12343 years ago
Yes, It should be easier
i dont even need the wiring or anything. just the frame design and the cushion design
lpkid10574 years ago
how did you know the length of the curved board? Did you just attach it to one end and then bend it into place and then cut it?

I suppose you can use a tape measure along the curve...
derte84 (author)  lpkid10573 years ago
I used a rope indeed :)
lpkid10574 years ago
How did you sew the fabric together on the foam seat? I think that is black fabric sewn around the two layers of foam as you described, right?

It looks really professionally done, so how can I make mine look that good? lol
derte84 (author)  lpkid10573 years ago
You need to firs sew the fabric on the reverse side without the foam leaving a part not sewed. Then you reverse the fabric through the not-sewed part (you should get a nice empty fabric bag). Then you need to put the foam inside the fabric bag through the not sewed part. If you keep everything squared it should be quite easy. Then you need to close the not sewed part (I used a zip, but you can also use velcro)
tinker2344 years ago
wow i wonder if i made a middle arm rest that came up a bulit in remote be cool great project
derte84 (author)  tinker2343 years ago
I got one from philips but I broke the big lcd while trying to hack that to add an automatic backlight
derte84 (author)  tinker2343 years ago
I'm searching for a good universal remote for that :)
joshpaz14 years ago
im moving into a new house n my room doesn't have much space so this gave me a great idea to mcguiver a bed using this method and put my stereo under it! and somehow put the jacks like on a plate screwed into the plywood
derte84 (author)  joshpaz13 years ago
Be aware that your stereo will have a lot of dust. I installed a small fan to ventilate the inner box
wowfabin3 years ago
Nice build, how much did it end up costing you?
derte84 (author)  wowfabin3 years ago
The fabric + foam were the most expensive parts. Everything was done for 400 euros. But if you choose cheaper fabric and wood you can do that for 300.
resaxox4 years ago
Oh wow, I love this. You should really modify it for a regular wall. It's a fantastic idea! :)
I so adore it.
derte84 (author)  resaxox4 years ago
As soon as I need one I'll make it
resaxox derte844 years ago
I'll keep an eye out in hopes. :)
Where did you get your foam??
derte84 (author)  zacharyliles5 years ago
In a store where sell and build sofa, but you can find it also where plastic materials are sold
cnegrea5 years ago
how remote control works?
derte84 (author)  cnegrea5 years ago
Well enough to surprise me! I think that it works because of the giant white wall in front of the watchers that reflects the IR signals
bluenebe5 years ago
Wow. That is perfect.
derte84 (author)  bluenebe5 years ago
darkclaw425 years ago
 Wow! Just what Ive been needing for the upcoming attic to theater conversion!
Jezter Long5 years ago
 Nice instructable, Thank You.  One question about the Stereo compartment.  Shouldn't that be ventilated?  Cool air in, hot air out?  When You open it after using it do u notice any heat coming out?
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