survival bracelets can be used in many different ways

1.you can use it for style; they look pretty good

2.you can sell them for about 3 to 5 bucks

3.if u pull  the macrame (outer chord) off it turns into a rope for "survival", u can use the inside as fishing line, to tie stuff with, ect.

Step 1: Starters: suplies

Picture of starters: suplies
you will need the following:
1.a pack of 550, 7 strand core paracord (at least 10 feet of it)**
2.a lighter
4.messuring tape

**u can find this at camo country or harbor freight  
aib192 (author) 3 years ago
thanks and its a necklace ( just a bigger version of the bracelets ).
i like your avatar!
What's that bracelet doing around your neck?! Congrats on posting your first Instructable.