survival bracelets can be used in many different ways can use it for style; they look pretty good can sell them for about 3 to 5 bucks

3.if u pull  the macrame (outer chord) off it turns into a rope for "survival", u can use the inside as fishing line, to tie stuff with, ect.

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Step 1: Starters: suplies

Picture of starters: suplies
you will need the following:
1.a pack of 550, 7 strand core paracord (at least 10 feet of it)**
2.a lighter
4.messuring tape

**u can find this at camo country or harbor freight  

Step 2: Prep

Picture of prep
cut 2 strings, the 1st one should be around 6 feet long, the second should be able to go 3 & a half times around your wrist 

Step 3: Starting knot

the bracelets consist of a reg. square knot then u can either use a square knot again or the cobra technique (its easier but takes longer) keep using these knots until there is a loop small enough so that the big knot is able to go through the loop but not come out easiely. cut excess off and burn the ends of the ropes till they turn blackish,then try it on , u have a survival bracelet!
aib192 (author) 2 years ago
thanks and its a necklace ( just a bigger version of the bracelets ).
i like your avatar!
What's that bracelet doing around your neck?! Congrats on posting your first Instructable.