Introduction: DIY Time-bomb

Picture of DIY Time-bomb

a fun way to make an easy arduino project for a film or a short movie

Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need

-an arduino
-a 4 seven segment display
-a rc toy battery
-an arduino proto shield
-some duck tap
-some wire

Step 2: First

Picture of First

put the arduino on top of the rc battery like in the photo

Step 3: Secondly

Picture of Secondly

tape them

Step 4: Thirdly

Picture of Thirdly

put the 4 seven segment display on the proto shield

Step 5: 4

Picture of 4

twist the pins

Step 6: 5

Picture of 5

put the proto shield on the arduino

Step 7: 6

Picture of 6

put some wire any where

Step 8: 7

it is not a real time bomb you need to use the PC to make it work like using after effect , if you do not khow how you can use this :


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