This instructable is a follow up on the "DIY Knife Made Of Soda Cans" because people where saying that they where getting cut by it.

Step 1: Materials

Ducttape, scissors, knife, and a ruler

Step 2: Shape It

Use your knife as a guide and wrap the duct tape around it backwards. Make sure this layer is thick

Step 3: Cover It

Cover most of the sheath in ducttape (stickey side down) except for the tip

Step 4: Cover the Tip

Put some more ducttape on the tip, stickey side out, cut it, fold it down and cover it. Then cut a slot on the side where the blunt side of the knife will go.

Step 5: Add a Belt Hoop

cut a piece of ducttape roughly 6 inches Long and fold it down until you have a strip. Then sukure it onto the sheath.

Step 6: Don't Forget!

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<p>if you run for somthing I will definitely vote for you</p>
<p>if you run for somthing I will definitely vote for you</p>
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