Introduction: Updated: DIY Toolbox Solar: Radio+ Charger+ Light for Emergency!

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Add 28 march 2015: I did my toolbox for emergencies, and use now that my city was buried in mud. As experience I can say that I served for charging phones and listen to radio.

An old toolbox? an old pc speaker? an unused 12 volts battery?
You can make a radio (with usb + sd card reader) + usb charger + emergency light (or daily use? why not?) + energy bank.
Sorry for my english, I try but, is difficult.
Its my Dakar Rally radio

Step 1: What Do You Need

Picture of What Do You Need

-An old toolbox o plastic box (used)
-Old pc speaker (used)
-A battery 12 volts, I recommend 7 a/h
-Voltage regulator for speakers. If the speaker is 12 volts, is not necessary (US$1 in
-Car power point (female) (2 dollars or less)
-Usb charger, used in a car (2 dollars maybe?)
-Radio panel (without amplifier) (US$6,29
-Led light 12 volts, 3 or 5 watts (US$3)
-Mini Solar regulator (US$6,22
-Voltmeter (US$2,15 (optional)
-dc power jack (male - female)
-Soldering iron
-4 switch
-1 solar panel: for diary use, you need 10 watts, for non diary use, 5 watts or less.

Step 2: Layout

Picture of Layout

The distribution depend of the toolbox. This is my distribution.

Step 3: Connecting

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Connect as shown
-Use the voltaje regulator for the electronic of the speaker amplifier (pc speaker). In my project, is 9 volts.
-The radio module, the car power point and the led light are 12 volts.
-It is recommended to use a mini breaker or fuse.
-The 10 watts solar panel charge 0,58 amperes by hour. In 8 hours of charge are 4,64 amperes. Full charge in a 1 1/2 day approx.
- The solar panel of 5 watts full battery charge in 3 day for emergency case.
-The solar regulator is behind the solar panel.
-The dc power jack (female) is for connect the solar panel or other supply 12 volts (for charge) or the led light.

General fuse: 2 amperes
Other fuses : max 1 ampere.

Step 4: Instructions

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-Use the switch 1 for turn on the radio and the amplifier (and the voltage regulator if required)
-The switch 2 for charge or turn on the connector for the light.
The switch 3 for turn on the power point for usb charge.
-The general switch turn off the battery (no charge)
-The radio need FM antena. You can use an recycled antena or a simple wire (2 meters).


bigsticktom (author)2015-08-18

Man, that is impressive! I hope you and your city are recovering. I'm not sure if I could build that living within waling distance of every thing you have on you list. Again, I'm impressed and you should be proud of yourself. I'm sure you are an asset to you community.

chaparro78 (author)bigsticktom2016-02-16

:-) thanks

chaparro78 (author)2016-02-16

yes, sorry, my english is too poor

Mjtrinihobby (author)2015-04-15

I'm really sorry for what happened in your city. It's plain to see you are very innovative and use materials you can get to make very useful tools. I wish that natural disaster did not happen and I also wish you get access to better equipment/materials. You are a real hobbyist and a diy! I'm impressed.

chaparro78 (author)Mjtrinihobby2015-04-21

Thanks for your comment, really, thank you.

Mjtrinihobby (author)chaparro782015-04-21

I wish you all the world of success. I wish more folks can appreciate working with materials like you do. You are an inspiration.

chaparro78 (author)Mjtrinihobby2015-04-21


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